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Mortgage Rates is a great value-add for any loan officer or real estate agent looking to provide good-looking, functional, valuable content to readers. The execution of this infobox is superb from the smooth sidebar integration, modal window trend and AJAX-based graphs that are incredibly visually appealing. Check the screenshots below:

Narrow and Wide Forms
Narrow and Wide Forms
Trend Chart and Detailed Rates
Trend Chart and Detailed Rates

Now you can place a Widget Configurator to a web page on your website and let your visitors add Mortgage Rates Widget to their websites in exchange for a link to your website. Check the screenshot of the Widget Configurator or check live demo:

Widget Configurator
Widget Configurator

Simply fill out the form below, then copy-and-paste a small piece of JavaScript code to a web page on your website.

Your Website Address

Using different anchor text with a wide variety of keywords is a general practice in building backlinks.

add a keyword
Google Analytics UA Number (optional)

Google Analytics Event Tracking feature is used to track websites that are using your version of the widget. The list of websites can be found under Content->Event Tracking section in the Analytics UI. The UA number can be found in the administrative section of the Analytics UI, or by searching for UA- in the source code of your web page.

Resulting Code

Simply copy-and-paste this JavaScript code snippet into your web page, between the <body> and the </body> tags.

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